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2BEA Use and Feature:

2BEA series water ring vacuum pumps and

compressorsIt is usually used to aspirate gases that

don't contain solid particle, non- dissolves in water.

no- corros ivenessin order to form vacuum and pres-

sure in closed container. Through changed stnuc-

ture material, it is too used to aspirate corroisive

gases or act corrosive liquid as the working liquid.

It is widely used in paper- making, chemical indus

try, petrification, light in dustry, pharmacy, foods, me

talhlrgy, building, electrical equipment, coalcleani

g, mmeral concentration, fertilizer, etc

This series

pumps are used single-

stage and single function structure with sim-

ple structure, convenient maintenance, reliable

running, high-efficiency and energy- -savings and

could suit to serious operating mode such as a big

water discharge load impact change, etc.




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